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Monday, January 24, 2005

Let's See How This Works

Today's blog will be short, I think. I'm doing this largely because I want to make comments on other people's blog and I gather that I have to have an identity of some sort to do this. Personally, I can't imagine that too many people are interested in what I may have to say, but I guess I could write about things that happened when I was young. My husband John, (Walking in Gay Shoes) has done this and our daughter, Beverly (Auntie Fatcat) approves, so I may try it.

I hope I can remember all the passwords, etc. Also how to do another one of these blogs. I have enjoyed reading the blogs of other people and could have been happy to continue doing so if I could be satisfied with that. But, no, I have to talk back to them. Yes, I did get into trouble talking back as a child. Also asking too many questions. I think some of my teachers didn't like that. I did discover when I was in college that I could talk via the essay question and teachers liked that. The more BS, the better the grade. College was also the first time I could talk on the phone without my mother trying to improve my phone manners. I imagine many people feel the same way, including my own children. I loved the independence I had in college and yet I didn't have to cook my own meals or worry about transportation. We walked everywhere.

Life got really good after I met and married John. I enjoyed his family as well. His cousin, Ella Faye introduced us. That is a pretty good story I'll save for another time. We have two great kids, both of whom have families of their own. These families include three cats and one dog. This is enough for me, I enjoy their animals at their houses. We have had cats, all of which have, as my Mother would say, gone to cat heaven. Beverly would like us to get another one to keep us company in our old age, but I'm not sure I want to take care of one.

This is enough for now. Maybe some day soon, I'll talk about my "German Calvanistic Heritage". Only after I understand what it is. So long until I have another block of time. Marge


  • At 12:32 PM, Blogger Beverly Marshall Saling said…

    Welcome to the blogosphere, Mom! I think you'll find a lot of folks want to hear what you have to say, particularly the family. Any stories you tell here will be saved in your own words, which is way better than us just trying to remember what you told us.

    Morgana & Shakti say they enjoy you at our house too :)


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