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Friday, January 28, 2005

Still Confused

I wanted to make a comment on another blog, but couldn't get the sign in completed. When I had just about given up, and was ready to quit this whole business, I made it in to somewhere. Whether or not I can get a posting from this remains to be seen.

I would have written a piece on my visit to flylady. She and her helpers are supposed to help me get organized. That is a joke. I have been un-organized for over 70 years, so why change? Ralph Yaw has been helping me get organized, especially in my office and in other rooms on our premises. I like the clean look. The major problem is I still can't find anything. I think that relates to the fact that I suffer for CRS and don't remember where I put things. I don't know if flylady, or anyone else can help me with that. But if I could improve, I would not suffer from " Chaos" which means Can't have anyone over syndrome. Having a larger house means I can have someone over if I keep things reasonably picked up. I may never be good enough (unlike Beverly) to have the place in first class order, but I will not be totally ashamed of the way things look like I used to be.

Well, today, I started another 5 week Quest class. It is about the religions of the world. The speaker today was supposed to talk about Christianity, but his first question to us was to define religion. I think it is a system of beliefs by which we try to explain the things we don't understand. The lady sitting next to me thought it was a way to take responsibility for doing good to others and our enviroment. I told her that was a good answer as we need to care about others to express what we believe in. Anyway, I don't know much more than I did. Another interesting fact: There were six people from the Congregational church there as well as the instructor and his wife, who attend there. I didn't see anyone from my church. This class will probably get more interesting as there are other interesting people there I didn't mention. More on that later unless I get tired of the mechanics of this and give up. Marge


  • At 12:45 PM, Blogger Beverly Marshall Saling said…

    Don't give up! It's fun to read your blog. Everyone is impressed when I tell them that both my parents have blogs.

    As for remembering where you put things, I have three suggestions:

    1. Have only as much stuff as you need and use. The less you have, the less you have to keep track of.

    2. Don't put stuff in weird places just because you have more room there. Always put your stuff near where you're most likely to use it, and always put it away in the same place. That way, if you forget exactly where it is, you have some hope of logically working out where you put it, and you'll eventually get used to looking for it there.

    3. When you're deciding where to put something, pretend you have lost it and think about where you'd look for it first. Then put it there.


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