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Sunday, February 13, 2005

How I Met My Sweetie

I have promised that I would do some family history type blogs. Although most people who know us have already heard this story, it is an important one in my life, so it bears repeating.

I had been bowling with John's first cousin, Ella Faye for several months. We used to stay after league on Thursday nights to play what we called "pot games" A pot game included putting dimes in a pot and the person with the highest score got the "pot"

One night I was complaining to the gals after the pot games about the choice of men in Walla Walla. I said it was getting hard to find someone to go out with who didn't want to jump in bed with you right off.

One of the gals, Bonnie Rease, who with her husband Al, owned the lanes, suggested that Ella introduce her cousin, Johnny, to me. Ella agreed that he would be more respectful. They suggested I join the league, as there was a vacany.

The next week, I joined the league. Upon arriving at the lanes, Ella casually introduced me to John. He said he was glad to meet me and then walked away. I thought he was a "hot number" and certainly wasn't the most friendly guy I ever met.

Sometime later, when I went to bowl, John came up to me and greated me warmly. He began to practically follow me around. He began staying for pot games and became part of the group.

It wasn't until later that I learned what happened. Although Ella Faye and Bonnie had shared their plans for the introduction with me, they had not with John. He had checked out the women in the league and decided they were all married. If they were, it seemed that anyone new coming in was paired off, too. It was a mixed doubles league where there are two men and two women.

It appears he didn't want to waste his time with a married woman. When Ella Faye noticed how he had responsed to the introduction, she said to him, "When I introduce you to a nice single gal, I want you to pay attention." He said,"Who, when, are you talking about." When she told him, he replied, "Marge, I thought she was married."

I don't recall time frames about this, but it couldn't have been too long after Ella Faye's conversation with him that he did indeed "Pay attention" He took every opportunity to talk with me.

Ella Faye invited me to a Sunday, family picnic. At this point, I met John's mother. She and I talked quite a bit that night, a fore-runner to many conversations we had over the years. She was concerned that "Johnny" find himself somebody, now that he was out of the Navy and home again. I assured her that he would, explaining that my brother had been slow in the date department, but now had a family. I never thought at that time that I was the somebody he might find. I was just trying to reassure her.

Shortly after that picnic, John asked me out and that is another funny story. We were engaged that fall and the following June 9 were married. That was over 42 years ago.


  • At 10:23 PM, Blogger Beverly Marshall Saling said…

    A very nice story for Valentine's Day! And I didn't know the part about the picnic, so even though I've heard the main story before, I learned something new. Thanks!


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