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Friday, May 06, 2005

A Month of Travels

Since I wrote my last blog, I have been gone a lot. I did write two other blogs and lost them. So, I will try again, using Word instead of the blank space provided. We will see if this works.

My journeys this past 6 weeks included a trip to Seattle with John to go to Norwescon. After Linda had delivered us to the SeaTac Doubletree, I quickly learned that I didn’t have my suitcase, but someone else’s. Beverly took care of things, called Linda back and I soon had my own suitcase. We enjoyed Norwescon with its many panels, etc. We also enjoy discussing them with Beverly and Rick and talking with others as well.

We flew home and the next morning caught the bus with the 50 plus group. We went to the Oregon coast, stopping at McMinnville to see the “Spruce Goose.” It is a huge plane that Howard Hughes built to transport troops during WWII. Unfortunately, the war was over before the plane was completed. There were many other airplanes in the building, dating from WWI to the present. One recent plane travels over 1,000 mph.

We were supposed to view some whales, but couldn’t because the ocean was too choppy. We went out to the edge of the jetty and saw some other animals, including sea lions. We also went to a couple of aquariums and on our way home we went to the IMAX theater at OMSI in Portland. We had an interesting time trying to get into the theater. They told us that people who couldn’t go up the stairs should go up the escalator. Since John doesn’t do escalators, we decided to try the stairs. Then they said to go up the elevator. Then they told us that able-bodied people should go back and do the stairs, so I did. John and I were at opposite ends of theater. However, we easily got back together.

After that I went to Puyallup to bowl in State Tournament. John stayed home alone and Ralph helped him with his eye drops, etc. I bowled reasonably well, but will probably not place on the prize list.

Then, on April 18, I took John to Rich’s to stay while I went to Nationals. I spent the night and Casi took me to the airport. We flew to Tulsa, Oklahoma, via Denver without too many difficulties. The distance between gates at Denver was quite a walk, but we lucked out as a fellow with one of those carts came along to give us a ride.

At Tulsa, we were supposed to bowl at 7:30 p.m., their time. They had some kind of problem and we didn’t start bowling until almost 9:00 p.m. We got done at midnight and were supposed to be back the next morning at 6:30 a.m. We were tired!!! My bowling was pretty sad. My top game was 144. I did manage to get at least 100 each game, but I think it is the first time I bowled three series of less than 400. Most of the rest of our group didn’t do much better. Why they set it up so we get no sleep is a mystery to me. Maybe the men will do better. We will see.

On Saturday, Shirley David and I went to the meeting as delegates from our Association. Dee Vee Garcia went too. We didn’t vote on anything, they just did the ceremonial things like induct people into the Hall of Fame, etc. Shirley and I can say that we were delegates to the last WIBC convention.

The three of us went to a workshop on Friday. It was about how “Unmerged” Associations were supposed to proceed. The lady that conducted it was very good and not stuck on herself like so many of their people are. We have to close out our affiliation with WIBC and start over, because we will be part of USBC (United States Bowling Congress). We have to re-incorporate and get a new Tax Identification Number. Also we have to redo our By Laws and our Policy and Procedure Manual, using a “Mandatory Form.” All that work we’ve done for nothing. I won’t be responsible this time around.

After the meeting was over on Sunday (They were at least one hour late) we left for Branson, Missouri. We got there too late to do a show. We ate dinner and shopped for food to have for breakfast. We were in a condo that you can rent by the day. It had two bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. I had an interesting time. I shared a king-sized bed with Dee Vee and we shared our bathroom with Dot Scroggins, who slept on a hide-a-bed.

We went to six shows. The poor lady who sold us the tickets kept losing stuff on her computer. I saw Shojie Tabushi, went on the River Boat on a lake, Pierce Arrow, Andy Williams, and Yakov Smirenof. Shojie plays the violin with a large variety of music from classic to hoedown. He also had a great sense of humor and I really enjoyed him. They had a show on the riverboat that was entertaining. They also served a chicken breast and roast beef, with salad, rice and a dessert.

The Pierce Arrow group was a quartet of guys singing harmony, which I really enjoyed. They had a comedian who was very funny and I really enjoyed him. Andy Williams at age 78 can still sing, but he walks like John and I do. Petula Clark was also part of his show. She is 72 and looks younger. I enjoyed her music as well.

Yakov Smirenof was interesting, but his comedian stole the show as far as I was concerned. Yakov was an artist and professor in Russia, but is now a comedian. He is big on Patriotism, as were most of the performers. He did some kind of painting for 9-11.

Branson was very entertaining to me, but I think it mostly appeals to people in my age bracket. Many of the songs were from the '50s and '60s. At one show, I counted 8 tour buses. That is over 300 people. Many gray heads were present.

Wednesday, we drove to Springfield, Missouri to fly to Denver. We had lunch at a place that threw rolls at you as a means of serving them. The food was very good.

As we flew into Denver, I got motion sick. I didn’t vomit, but I was nauseated. I had trouble eating at Denver. I drank a diet coke and then when we got on the plane to go to Pasco, I needed to use the restroom. It was snowing in Denver, so our plane had to get in line to be de-iced. By the time I got to go to the restroom, I’d been on the plane for at least an hour. The stewardess let me go before the seat-belt lights were off and I really appreciated her. We were a half hour late getting into Pasco. John enjoyed his stay at Rich’s, but I think he really wanted to go with me. Maybe next time.


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